“The debate over welfare reform has been carefully circumscribed to a matter of dollars and cents. There are those willing to acknowledge that restoring the underclass to participation in the nation’s social and economic framework would be an incredible undertaking. But these voices are no longer even a part of the political debate; now […]

I recently applied for a job. It was working in the cultural sector, working as a bureaucrat, administering funding and developing strategy in the Arts. A good job, a step up, reckoned I was in with a shout too. I have good skills and experience in a variety of project management and admin roles in […]

(Int. High Street Bookshop) Customer:  “Can you tell me why all your stock is priced more expensive in your shop than it is on your website?” Shop Assistant: “Oh, it’s because the shop price covers the overheads and staffing of bookshops.  But we now have a policy where you can order the items online and […]

Over the last couple of months no fewer than 4 different friends have raved to me, unprompted, about Jenni Fagan’s “The Panopticon”.  I had picked up on it after both Kevin Williamson and Stuart Kelly wrote approvingly about it.  This book is going to deserve all the sales and word of mouth praise it’s going to […]

So. Weeks later, as a number of heinously overwritten/overthought draft posts lie neglected in a folder I decide that I really just need to start posting stuff. Peter Strickland’s film at Edinburgh International Film Festival was introduced by new, no longer interim, director Chris Fujiwara to a pretty packed Filmhouse as a “strange” movie.  He […]

Ok then. After a long hiatus I’m going to try and get my blog on again. I used to write Kneelbeforeclom but that petered out thanks to a slack work ethic, parenthood and the feeling I was talking predominantly to myself.  I’d like this to be a bit more disciplined and formally critical although I’m not disciplined, […]